VW Campervan weddings: Celebrating love with fun and style

VW Campervan weddings: Celebrating love with fun and style

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VW Campervan Weddings: Celebrating Love with Fun and Style

I have fond childhood memories of driving around the Isle of Wight in a family friend’s purple VW campervan. My love for the VW van runs deep as nothing quite compares to the joy when its doors open, and everyone piles in to savor a hot cup of tea. Why you should chose a VW Campervan weddings: Celebrating love with fun and style.

Over the last decade, the VW campervan has surged in popularity, especially as a wedding transport choice. Its size and capacity make it ideal for moving bridesmaids and groomsmen across Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire. The VW’s rustic charm exudes a fun, relaxed, and hippy festival vibe, making it a perfect subject for photographs.

Iconic Charm for Your Wedding

The iconic and recognisable nature of the VW van allows it to seamlessly blend into various settings, from stately homes to rustic barns or pubs. This versatility makes the VW van unique, as few other modes of transport would feel so at home in such diverse locations.

Photographing Memories

The VW campervan serves as an excellent backdrop for wedding photographs. By simply standing next to these vans, you can capture delightful moments. Take it up a notch and pose as if you’re driving the van—have some fun with it because that’s what these vans are all about!

Creative Possibilities with VW Campervans

The VW campervan’s versatility has inspired creative uses by wedding suppliers. Companies like Dubbies, serving delicious ice creams from a classy split-screen camper, or Vintage Camper Booths, turning vans into evening photobooths, showcase the endless possibilities. Beetle Juice, a VW campervan mobile bar company, is perfect for DIY wedding settings and other events.

Fun, Relaxed, and Enjoyable Weddings

We believe your wedding day should be fun, relaxed, and enjoyable, and the VW Campervan perfectly embodies these qualities as the preferred vehicle for your big day.

Ideal Venues for VW Campervan Magic

These vans are especially well-suited for church weddings and venues like:

  1. Blacknest Golf Club (Frith End Rd, Blacknest, Alton GU34 4QL): This venue offers a tipi setting with bell tents, fire pits, hay bales, and BBQ options. The VW campervan sits proudly in the middle, completing the charming atmosphere.
  2. Clock Barn (Tufton Warren, Whitchurch RG28 7RB): A traditional barn wedding venue surrounded by beautiful countryside, Clock Barn features a long driveway. Arriving in your VW camper will create a lasting memory.
  3. Rivervale Barn (Mill Farm, Mill Ln, Yateley GU46 7SS): A modern barn with a glass front, Rivervale’s angular architecture contrasts wonderfully with the smooth lines of your VW camper van.
  4. The Departure Lounge (Basingstoke Rd, Alton GU34 4BH): This quirky venue offers a festival vibe reception in a marquee setting, and photographing a jet aircraft and a VW in the same image adds a unique touch to your celebration!

Ready to get your dream VW Campervan wedding: Celebrating love with fun and style? Book us for your special day today!