Vintage Wedding at Kent Life: A Rustic Celebration

Vintage Wedding at Kent Life: A Rustic Celebration

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Alisha and Sam celebrated a fantastic wedding on September 19, 2022.

Step into the timeless romance of their vintage wedding at Kent Life: A Rustic Celebration.

Choosing Kent Life as their venue marked the beginning of a day filled with charm and elegance. Nestled within Kent Life is the remarkable 19th-century Cuxton Chapel—an iconic timber-framed structure clad in corrugated iron and adorned with baby pink hues and white decorative features. Moreover, the warm and welcoming interior, complete with family pews, witnessed the vows and union of Alisha and Sam, providing the perfect canvas for unique and stunning photographs.

Alisha seamlessly embraced the vintage theme, dressing her bridesmaids in 1950s-style floral tea dresses with bouncy petticoats and strappy heels. Rustic pastel bouquets added the effortless charm of wildflowers. In addition, Alisha herself donned an elegant ankle-length, off-the-shoulder dress, perfect for a British wedding, with metallic pink statement heels.

Complementing the retro look, Alisha chose a stylish birdcage veil—ensuring photo-perfect moments without interference. Meanwhile, Sam looked impeccable in a fitted blue suit with a floral tie.

The charming VW Camper added an extra layer of delight, serving as both transportation and a picturesque backdrop for stunning wedding photographs, especially during the lively drinks reception.

As the sun set, the evening party unfolded, bringing the dresses to life with twirls and the joyous sound of heels hitting the dance floor. The energy and enjoyment were artfully captured through off-mounted flashes and the colorful lights of the band—creating lasting memories.

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